Friday, July 31, 2015

erxell effect - uplifting informal settlements through collective branding of roof space

Just because "some" might feel your design ideas are not relevant, this does not make u invisible, keep dreaming your ideas, because the ideas will grow much stronger than the "some."

The Erxell concept since 2006 has been vigorously promoted to many local design platforms here in Cape Town and South Africa. These platforms have not really given much time towards the potential of this Erxell concept. Which has been disappointing for me - this for whatever reasons. The total lack of support or even small comment from a greater CT design community has been deafening. 

An idea with small merit is still an idea that needs dialogue - without dialogue design concepts are dead.

Fortunately the Erxell concept has been highlighted by the Buckminster fuller organization 2010 and has received a Holcim design merit 2008. So the concept has a track record in the design mind ether.

However sadly the Erxell concept has not opened even the smallest conversation among-st the design community here in Cape Town.  is the concept weak?  i have lost the energy promoting the concept in front of the greater cape town design some.   created this site in 2007 , pay for it each year - just in case it blips a cape town interest radar monitor. where actual design ideas are encouraged and helped forward.