Friday, July 10, 2015

teaching design at academy IDT - cape town

Ive been given the immense privilege of using my 20 yrs of teaching draughting and design at various draughting schools to develop a design course for the second tri-mester at academy IDT. cape town.

i really love my Wednesdays and i make it a point to spend at least 5 minutes with each of my 40 students.
the way i approach each design assignment is that if a student hands in design work, i will give it the respect and mark it without failing them. no matter what the level - 50% is the lowest mark i give for design. for me the love and passion of expression is not garnered when one renders  efforts worthless.

i take this approach with my design class because  when i first started teaching in 1994, at another draughting school, which is not in existence today.   i phoned a father to tell him his son was not working and handing in projects. the next day the young man came to my class with 2 black eyes and a wired jaw. i spent 2 months watching a young man heal, sometimes marks and assignments are not as important as individuals.

in the academy IDT gallery on the  link below - im chatting to students and having a wildetect meeting in the IDT greenroom. the art of shooting the breeze and getting excited about pure design - is the passion.  teaching is the medium to keep it alive, as much for me , as  for the student.