Tuesday, August 4, 2015

wildetect skateboards next generation 2016

the energy expenditure behind the wildetect skateboard project has been to experiment with extreme form,  whilst overcoming hectic practicality design challenges.
i  have had many interested customers and sadly i needed to turn them all away. my rationale over time was that the board just was not ready for the public. wildetect skateboards are not into unit sales off half cooked design. so having wrestled and experimented and injected thousands into prototype after prototype - wildetect skateboards is finally at the point where the boards will be manufactured and sold to a definite market. wildetect next generation 2016 exclusive.

criteria for buying a board is strict.  over 16 yrs with 5 yrs skateboarding experience,   at least. the boards are for advanced riders, its a finely tuned piece of art and machinery,   to sell to learning and inexperienced kids is not really where the board is pegged.  will only really design not more than 13 boards per  month.  not really looking for mass sales - just a few boards , made really well, to a few connoisseurs of the sport.