Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Architecture on the other side of the line

If your anything like me,  you would have several lists of creative things you want to accomplish before you check out,  for me its now a long growing list,  as the years get shorter.

im busy starting a new meeting / work / creative book  and like every such book  ive started - i transfer certain information from the old to the new.  i dont go anywhere without this book - holds the timeline of work and life within it. mainly as my memory isnt as good as writing it all down.

i write my list of  ideas down and like a crow  bury them away and then look guiltily at a list that grows but never finds its end.

so ive decided to release a few  of the ideas into the wild.  yes, yes  the risk of losing the thread of being the first to do the concept is at stake. but because most creatives worry about this to much and end up taking possibly  brilliant ideas into the cold dank earth,  before these concepts ever  see the light of day.  i think its more important to rather start some sort of collective momentum, than try own a concept.

like most ideas one holds ones concepts as close as possible to ones chest. i have several short stories i want to complete , several poems and a few painting techniques i would like to experiment with. want to get some wild sculpture done,  again experiment with a few texture ideas and some interesting frozen in time African moments.  since embarking on the Nado Storm comic - i have  become  massively obsessed with stances to convey an array of thought. a few artists get this imagery right , william blake , odd nerdrum  are 2. i want to experiment with these notions. like skateboard designs and the many other wildetect pieces,  i find it very difficult to give them up. i sit in a space where  endeavors are  solace. art is an expression of self, an  exploration into ones own thoughts.  an individual interpretation of the collective conscience.  this makes it, way to personal to have on open display,  like walking naked in public.

every creative  feels that those that are idea challenged  tend to harvest ones thoughts. and then whisk them away,  to be hastily done and badly executed.  this notion makes most creatives hold concepts close to mind.  

this one idea on my list is  for me a powerful concept of discovering self,  as well as a chance to improve my understanding of a uniquely Cape Town inspired and evolved architecture. 

the endeavor will be called - Architecture on the other side of the line