Monday, September 21, 2015

Vineyard Quarter kylemore stellenbosch

It is no secret that Cape Town is a unique part of the African continent and to be able to explore the history, arts, theater, flora and fauna is incredibly satisfying. being able to weld what one finds and interprets onto an architectural development is for me, pure mint.

The Vineyard Quarter  Kylemore is such a project. working on creating a set of homes that have the backdrop of the Simonsberg mountains and nestled between  the Helshoogte  and  the Banhoek conservancy, All within the small local village of Kylemore, creates a really dramatic setting.

The architectural design takes reference and pays respects to the Cape Quarter , Cape Dutch homesteads, Green market square and the ethos of the village of Kylemore. All are threads of an interesting and exciting past. The homes are positioned around an amphitheater with spectacular views and backdrops of the mountains around. along its southern border is a stream and the flora will be the  spectacular cape fynbos.

One of the concept idea's  is to create an opportunity for theater within  the midst of the development, with each unit having a balcony overlooking a central space. to create an opportunity for sanctioned musical interludes and live moments of theater for the occupants. 

this was my idea for the concept , im sure nothing new, however new to me. so the interesting thing is whether the development will reach its full  artistic expressive potentail. well that  will really depend eventually on the folk who buy into the space. the number of units is 18,  im really hoping the folk who eventually live in these units enjoy the set up and natural  framework within this dynamic. for a possible afternoon piano recital , or an impromptu art exhibition. or even an afternoon play - choreographed by someone with the guts to participate in such a venture. whilst enjoying the fruits and vineyards of the many farms surrounding the area.