Thursday, September 24, 2015


the wildetecture thread of this concept hinges on several ideas. To create an oasis living habitat in a desert is an immense challenge. to create an environment as an oasis that isn't obviously hewn by mans hand is another massive challenge.
with this project the structures where to satisfy several objectives. they where in part to emulate in building scale,  a koppie that was close to the site. therefore creating a sunset silhouette that was slightly in keeping to the geometric type geography of the landscape.
the edge lines are curved and wavy in nature - to break the obvious made by man stamp which permeates most structures. a slight deviation to counter the made by man effect, however as it is manmade - one can never really get away from this obvious aesthetic. the objective was to at least try and show respect for the area surrounding the site.
the plan view was to represent a bunch of grapes , as the area is an oasis of vineyard farming - the structure embedded in this space was to in a subliminal way take a leaf from that tree.
the labyrinth of cellar space below the structures rising above the built koppie - would provide the machinery needed to sustain this wildetect oasis. as the orange river which flows next to the site would flow through the center of the structure.