Monday, September 7, 2015

the very essence of wildetecture

note to  colleagues

one has to just keep kicking the tin of the  work analytical hum drum. this is the  hard yards before one reaches ones design  dreams. the challenges are very tough,  as we have been  running 2 streams of work for a number of  years now.  the analytical pay the bills work  versus imaginative creative play,  however knowing that  even for 1 minute,  of  hammering the anvil of pure creative thought,  keeps one going for many, many weeks.

Sadly we have to pay the  bills  and the more responsibilities one has,  the more bills and the less time to pursue these pure creative design ventures and moments.  

wildetecture   for me represents the concept and the dream of working outside of this perpetual rat race. Just one  small wildetect style  synaptic  thought,  Keeps me going for many weeks. 

Knowing I can dabble in the realm of creative design whenever I have that rare  minute to imagine,  is the essence of life itself, its what fires and fuels forward momentum.

keep wildetect design dreaming , even if its for just for 1 second.

passion , express , create 

Kind regards

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