Monday, November 30, 2015

a word to the design wise - wildetect dance style

"to design and dance differently from the pack, prepare to dance alone.
because the pack, my design friend, mostly validates its own."

this little ditty resonates as im about to hit 45yrs. when one is 20,  its bright eyed creative dreaming - everyone must be interested in what ones doing , the  conversation is  self absorbed.  your design thirties is work and the advent of stone cold realization of dreams perhaps just out of reach.

as i now hit 45 - its the measured look back - my advise to my 20 yr old design self. stop looking for validation at cold fowl  design guru feet. don't feel that others need to compliment you on your design journey,  to get that elusive creative energy to continue. one wastes far to much time worrying about does anyone like what im doing, is it relevant?

the realization as one gets along in yrs is that to dance differently and to dance alone,  is ok. validation of ones conceptual work comes through the perhaps very small amount of like minded thinkers who resonate with what your trying to  express.

true validation comes from within oneself, only then does ones work have meaning and a thread of a conversation worth sharing.