Thursday, November 19, 2015

muizenberg sculpture wildetect conceptual sketch

if you have ever dealt with a frothing enraged heritage person or for that matter, a person who doesnt understand the full facts, before they go into a complete tirade tailspin.

this wildetect sculpture is an ode to such individuals.

this is a conceptual sketch of a possible wildetect sculptural piece on the muizenberg beachfront.

an ideal to create a muizenberg corner, play chess area - much like the NY central park approach, where you can go - sit down - say nothing and just start playing a game of chess with an unknown opponent. without having to pretend to communicate on any other level, this would be fun. win or lose,  one can battle it out with a silent opponent and then go on with your day, fully spiked and charged.

this wildetect sculptural piece is a cast concrete ensemble - part interactive jungle gym , part visual sculptural art piece. however its very much a conceptual wildetect,  QJD fusion art piece.

wildetecture style sculpture - muizenberg

what do you think?