Monday, April 11, 2016

new home in conjunction with wildetecture

Design is sometimes  a very slow  process and once one has been presented with a set of client parameters - ones mind goes into a subliminal design mode and  suddenly experiences start to weave into an interesting dynamic.

finding and agreeing on the grid from which the new architectural design will spring is key to the overall concept. however for myself  still applying an outside inwards design approach.

this particular home design takes inspiration from the mattang or the wappede stick maps - to incredible art and skill to be able to  lie on ones back in the open ocean with ones eyes closed and be able to map the currents and the landmasses around you, is a south sea island miracle skill. the maps are created from sticks and put to memory. its these grids that form the bases of this architectural design concept.

the cut out off shutter color concrete wall will force the frame of the incredible views of the mountains and ocean.

this is just the first set of rough sketches, we still need to create the synergy with the other wildetects - so this design  is a work in progress.

a small bit of info taken from the net about the stick current maps.
Small Island, Sticks Represent, Wave Patterns, Stick Maps, Curved Sticks
Stick Chart navigation was an impressive piece of technology. to navigate the Pacific Ocean by canoe.

Polynesian Stick Charts The charts were made by men from thin strips of coconut frond midribs or pandanus root. They were then bound together with coconut sennit in geometric patterns depicting sea currents around the low lying atolls. Small money cowrie shells or coral pebbles indicated islands and curved sticks represent wave patterns.
Stick maps from Micronesia. stick maps are ancient methods of recording the directions of difficult sea currents in specific areas of small islands in Micronesia.
their are different kinds of Polynesian stick charts: the "Mattang" or “Wappepe," the "Rebbelib," & the "Medo." 
Polynesian Stick Charts The “MATTANG” or “WAPPEPE” are a small, square shaped chart which shows wave patterns around a single island or atoll and where  used for teaching purposes only.

this wildetect  architectural design above takes its grid from this possibly lost knowledge art of mapping open ocean currents - using stick maps.