Tuesday, July 5, 2016

looking for inspiration in the african wild

creative's are always trying to find inspiration and purpose,  the illusive spark to ignite the imagination. one finds putting oneself deep into nature can be a catalyst to finding this spark,  just behind ones toes with an incredible vista in front. 
rock weather hewn sculpture is fascinating - from human pupil eye  elephant caves to a huge set of rocks that looks like an in depth conversation for a council of 5. to a fist breaking through the earths crust - yes i know these natural entities have other names and are famous land marks. however one is allowed to rename things for oneself to make the experience more personal. 

having only experienced San rock paintings in books - it was a most incredible experience to experience this art form for real,  up close. the unframed hanging in space art work on a huge canvas cave wall. time separating the moment of thought and application  with my visual experience. 

sleeping out under the stars in -2 temperature,  staying awake the entire night mesmerized by the incredible display. freezing cold knowing your alive. thats the spark.

AFRICA - an incredible place to grow old in.