Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WILDETECTURE - beauty or the beast

The organic line vs  machine built. the engineering mind vs the artistic. practicality vs aesthetic.
The organic line or  machine built. the engineering mind or the artistic. practicality or aesthetic.
The organic line &  machine built. the engineering mind & the artistic. practicality & aesthetic.

beauty it is said is in the eye of the beholder - sketching , playing, experimenting with form and shape is still the very  best way to whittle away a few hours of time.

at present with my current skill set , its definitely for me  beauty or the beast, a beauty vs the beast. its going to be awhile before I feel I will marry a design with elements of beauty and the beast. an encompassing design that pays respects to visual aesthetic design and practical application - at the moment i tend to be either beautiful and not so practical or practical and not so beautiful.

this paradigm shift is starting to shift and im seeing with age, acceptance, experience  a small balance between the 2. lets hope life does not run out before this quest is in some small way realized - if so,  im very sure their are many creative students who will accept the challenge of creating a design that is incredibly beautiful and is also incredibly practical and functional.

the organic machine conundrum.