Tuesday, April 4, 2017

wildetect foundry machine concept sketches

so here is the thing - as much as ive said about "big box , small box architectural design mindsets" - sometimes one just has to design the BOX - and if your going to design "the box" - one might as well make it such that its completely unapologetic in its visual display.

here is a foundry upgrade machine type BOX fenestration - multi use space - i design with the idea that  artists will live and work in the space and be inspired to create art  that will brighten up the difficulties we are all currently facing, what with all the warmongering  destructivites frothing around us dreamers.

my spark point of departure for this modernist architectural beast design  was a conversation I had with the folk showing me the scope of works of the original building.  the story i mentioned was the a super car analogy of  comparing the Lamborghini with Ferrari. not taking engines into account and going on the pure aesthetics.  when an engineering mind strives to celebrate design, its as a machine. whilst to my mind when an artistic mind expresses itself, its  as the curves of a beautiful woman. which to me is more how a Ferrari looks. both powerful but different in end product aesthetic.