Monday, June 5, 2017

The Drakensberg is incredible

As a Capetonian ive foolishly led  myself to believe that the cape and the fold mountains surrounding  the western cape , Boland, Cederberg,  Tsitsikama are the best for hiking in SA. and as per all small minded notions, i  never really thought about exploring other areas of SA. i have walked most of these hikes and even some in Namibia  and yes they are all really beautiful and spectacular.

well i have now been properly humbled - the lesson of dont think you know anything until you have traveled and experienced more than you currently know, has now been properly learnt. having spent some time recently in the Drakensberg (dragons mountain) with family. (never been to that part of SA before surprisingly)  hiking some absolutely spectacular trails - im completely mesmerized by the scale and beauty of the place. i will try never again venture an absolute opinion, until my knowledge, experience and travels are properly aligned.

even then one needs to be very prudent about anything that spills out ones mouth - i will definitely be back to hike the back trails and explore a range of mountains that has the allure of the far off  misty mountains. to walk on the back of a dragon is something that gets the blood flowing. any artist , creative, poet needs several sparks to ignite potentail - the Drakensberg is a place brimming with  such creative spark moments. with many massive drop offs and small path huge mountain face potentail. wow wow wow.