Friday, December 1, 2017

wildetecture rough conceptuals

the 3 wildetects are busy on a proposal and as per usual the conceptual ideas are ramping up - with certain jobs we put some pressure on ourselves to deliver 3 completely different designs from each of the 3 principles in the wildetect group.  wildetect 1 , 2 and 3 of 3 all pitch a separate concept to the client. 1 and 2 ' s ideas are always crazy good - this is my first conceptual sketch based on the brief, i am number 3.

now im not sharing the brief or the job on this forum but what we thrive on is which one of our designs  cracks the design nod with the client. ive got whiskey , jokes,  a couple of tickets to the rugby - the other 2 have raw talent - see what im up against.

anyway im taking this baby into CAD to really bring home the idea - all the bells and whistles. im going to have the mood lighting , the trees , the sky. because i have to do the CAD stuff  myself i tend to shy away from this design medium - designers get so caught up in the CAD  model they are still fiddling in CAD and the end product is built on site. im a firm believer that the 3d model is the structure being built on site - leave the damn CAD  model and sculpt onsite. who cares about the lighting at noon in Dec 2032 - id rather be standing at the real thing then anyway.

we will put a poll up maybe on the 3 different designs for this project  and see who gets the best constructive criticism - however as per anything design - the trolls come out to play and make for interesting reading if nothing else.