Friday, July 12, 2019

a wildetects reflection of full circle.

haven't really posted anything on this blog this year - not that i haven't been super busy - its just busy saying it in other arenas of my life. introspective reflective is a thing,  i think, the thought of  the mouth whispering in the darkness and wondering if the ear is listening. i have seen many rather eccentric people speaking to themselves on the road - whether i am present or not doesn't stop them from having intense conversations to the ghosts of their past. they don't need my or any ones ear - they need to simply get whats in the head,  past the mouth,  to empty out the crowded space. that's more like how i see my blog. for me really,  not for the odd person who might stumble on the pieces written.

to conceptualize a futuristic creative idea is the unicorn of thought to my mind - ones focus blurred as you look through the ether and the limited telescopic lens. is it so important to imagine a future artistic aesthetic - not like a sage looks into the future but from a,  "what will artistic expression be like  in the future or what will our building aesthetic move towards"  - i thought it was important and it surely is on levels,  however i see now being present,  is far more powerful.

Architecture is sculpture and to my mind the more dramatic the perceived movement in the sculpture,  the more visually appealing the static,  perceived kinetic architecture (wildetect PKA) this concept has long been an experimented ideal for me. to go full circle on any journey is always an interesting trip sometimes it can be a sad one.

a friend of mine who used to capture hunting moments for men with very big guns and very small brains and even smaller unmentionables,  told me a very sad story once. the kind of African tale one hears far to often. Africa's highways and byways are full of ancient wisdom, some of this wisdom is sadly not learnt by the participants in the tales told. many years back on his very last such filming contract,  he filmed a crew of foreign hunters who where hunting a large bull elephant in a remote part of the African wilderness. this magnificent creature led them for several days through the deepest African terrain. always out witting and out reaching the  tiny single minded ambitions of the pursuing gaggle of less than men.  then rather suddenly at some point during the long chase this magnificent creature, determined as it was,  just headed to the exact spot that they first encountered him. he had led them full circle for many,many miles - this wise, now tired of being chased, old creature might have realized in this statement,  that he was making,  that he had chosen to take a stand where he first encountered the threat. these minuscule minded frothing merciless hunters sadly didn't feel a reprieve might have been in order for this intelligent gesture - they used their mighty weapons on a less than human endeavor and blasted the creature to its death. my friend put down the camera and decided to partake no longer in such a display of false unintelligent bravado. my point is that full circle is something to be explored. and when one finds it within oneself - its a good thing to stop and smell the roses. sadly for the elephant his journey ended but his lesson,  can live on.

below is a few examples of my latest sculptural design taking into account perceived kinetic architectural ideals  - looking to build this creation at some point. part of the cresting wave moves back to take care of the view. but privacy of space is also a view - a view into oneself,  from which you can awaken full circle.