Thursday, December 2, 2010

cloverfield village - assisted living

every now and again a project flys across the design table that really resonates with me - doing the research for this project i realised the living conditions of folk living in retirement villages in south africa can be very  drab , dull and an expectation of heading off the planet hangs exceedingly heavy in the air.
so when looking at the design ideals for this concept i decided to get inspired by FLW and a developement he explored in the thirties. as per most of the concepts i have been apart of - words can never do justice to the visuals themselves. the brief from my client was detailed and taking all things into account - coming up with an assisted living environment for our planets experienced folk was an absolute pleasure.

this project has led me closer to a concept i keep close to my heart and hope to start at some stage. the concept of lostinformation -
you see when one of our older fellow passengers leaves our planet - they take an entire lifetime of experience with them - to gain these pearls of wisdom from these folk and full circle it back to the youth will cut out lessons and experiences having to be redone. starting with the living environment i hope to take this concept further and gain the invaluable insights of the folk in the third age.