Sunday, December 5, 2010

domino man -

whilst playing pool with some really good friends - the domino man character was born - a list of quinn10 characters are evolving from this little exercise  - domino is a 40 something suburban father who fights the injustices of the neighbourhood. no one really knows if its all in his head or if he actually dons the outfit and flys in the face of corruption. so whilst swigging beer watching the news - domino solves the mystery and is always back in his chair in time to crack another beer. even he is left surprised at the efficiency of the whole thing - the more violent criminals are especially given the dom treatment. i suppose it comes from every school boys fantasy to save the school from hard core criminals - whilst leopard crawling through the vent system , dropping on unsuspecting terrorists.  its a fantasised ideal - domino i suppose keys into this school boy fantasy ideal. - obliterate the crooks and the felons of society in front of the appreciative community. rough justice style. - yes the jpgs are a little fuzzy and the cartoon isnt as sharp or as professional as it could be - but you try draw - swig a beer and don a pillowcase mask and still produce crisp imagery.

domino's once arch rival was none other than sups or soops - however due to common objectives and pool playing skills have now teamed up and now fight crime and machevalian villians together. domino keeps his crime fighting skills to muizenberg whilst superman bases his secret squirrel operations in east london.