Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wildetect plight before flight.

wildetecture in its raw form is what punk rock was to music. a complete knee jerk reaction to established local design trends. its my opinion that  south african designers are far to guilty of  bowing and fawning down to the golden calf of overseas design trends, much more than our  local ideas. in the past our cape town held  design showcases seem to be  the rest of the world telling and instructing us what we should design and how they have designed it already - really a big brother schooling the little brother to see the direction he must go. far,  far to few south african designers going - this is what we design here and this is how we design it in SA.

wildetecture  encompasses  age old african style design ideas. the wildetects  are experimenting with and giving them a  contemporary edge. raw african energy  - african fauvistic architecture - wild african design -  
wildetecture - embraces

1) earth branded architecture ,
2) trompe loeil in architecture ,
3) its deception of vista or
4) disintegration of perspective its
5) perceived kinetic architecture and
6) human driven architectural concepts. its
7) architectural musical interludes and
8) architectural shadow projections.

to mention a few of the wildetects design ideals.

african architecture is ubuntu, community and its big ideals and ideas coupled with bold unapologetic design. african design is its own signature from the Hausa designs, to the sphinx and the dogon - its Ethiopian monasteries  hewn out of a single rock. or the bold colour dynamics of the ndebele. It is my mind that African architecture has never really properly been embraced by the western world (look at the tree of architecture in banister fletcher - egypt and then nadda) - the western art world that has  for centuries crashed and ripped into the real dynamics of this individualistic continent. really  trying, if you will indulge me - to tame Africa and render it passive. - africa cannot be tamed - its a wild place with wild ideas.

the wildetects have sent out p-mav's into the ocean with cryptic clues and treasure maps on the internet. with bottles of jack awaiting the would be finder of the treasure. i really enjoy dabbling in writing the short story with a twist and a poem or 2. i use the word dabble because it signifies a passion for or a childlike approach to a craft. 

its possibly best to stay quietly in the back ground of the design community - as once you step over the threshold its highly possible that the thundering herds could enjoy scalding ones face completely off - especially if one dares to imagine anything radically left of center and different.