Monday, April 18, 2011

vivaladraught - SA draughting revolutionary

because developing the skill of draughting is a complete passion , i am always constantly seeking ways to champion this skill in education , via voluntary associations and regulatory bodies and to industry. draughtspersons have always received a not so favourable rap from elevated contempories. however if you examine the draughtsmanship of escher , gaspot monge as well as the first hand prints our ancestors made on rock walls.  to the detailed technical drawings of today. draughting uses pictures to communicate futuristic ideas. it this that has always been a fascinating medium for me to explore and improve my skill.

time and space separates us from the actual communicative moment when those early cave images where created. however simple they are, it is a powerful reminder that our draughting sketches today,  if found far in the future, can and will resonate with a  generation to come. as they lure into our time and try and understand where they have come from.

vivaladraught is a revolutionary personage - who champions the cause of the draughtsperson in south africa and abroad. (google vivaladraught and see how he is tweaking the minds of south Africa's architectural regulatory body - SACAP)  he firmly believes that draughting encompasses graphic design and technical drawing - hence this personage has labeled himself vivaladraught who is  a padawan graphic monkey - PGM he sais the term padawan is to signify we are forever the student within this draughting medium.