Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the skill of draughting is a complete passion of each of the wildetects who make up the wildetecture design studio. to communicate clearly our unique architectural creative design ideas using the medium of draughting is a process we are striving to perfect. using the latest cad programmes as well as detailed hand sketches to convey our creative design ideas. as one of the wildetect directors our aim is to create unique marketing products for corporates. we can architecturelise your company logo into a futuristic building. one of the first brands  to be taken into a logotecturalised building was the QJD design studio in 2005. followed by SAID and now unsolicited CO and COKE . this concept using a logo as the design point of departure creates architecture as an organic process. the end product is not small box, little box syndrome.  this can create as yet to be seen architectural landscapes with a unique difference. to see further buildings that have been designed up using this graphically inspired  logotecture technique - go to www.wildetecture.com and look at the projects on display , warren , dean and jacques the 3 other directors have designed up and logotecturalised the futuristic coca cola head office building and aquariums with an african fauvistic architectural feel.

the wildetecture  style keys into the rhythm of the African drum beat and the wild untamed landscape that is our Africa. the wildetect will detect futuristic design trends on the dark continent and key your futuristic architectural designs into unique end products. email quinton@erxell.com for further information.