Tuesday, May 3, 2011


wildetecture is an african fauvistic style of architecture which in this design example, warren hoffman one of  the directors at the wildetecture design studio has accomplished with this proposed coca cola building design. the wildetects have also designed all the furniture and the outside and inside themed coke interiors

the wildetect style is full on in your face africa its bright, gaudy, unapologetic and very, very wild, UNTAMED. this unsolicited proposal to coca cola is a building encompassing several typical wildetect  design ideals.

1) earth branded architecture - buildings designed from the brand logo to key into the new every mans perspective. thanks to google earth suddenly the top plan view is becoming the first introduction of any building to the world. it has become an important elevation - buildings that use this design of brand and imagery into the future - will be utilising an age old nasca concept of speaking to the heavens.
2) disintegration of perspective - the building needs to be multi dimensional - one of the elevations is a sculptured coke bottle , the rest the building defragments.
3) deception of vista
4) perceived kinetic architecture
5) trompe-l'oeil in architecture
6) african fauvistic architecture
7) architecturalising logo's - the wildetecture design studio specialises in creating buildings from brand logo's. although this can negetive connotations the term branded about is logtecture or logotecturalising brands.  this design point of departure is to our mind a very exciting and uncontrollable reaction to the small box, big box mindset which is regrettably 90% of architecture today.

the wildetecture studio is working on an architectural shadow projection for this coca cola building. the shadow will be a further coca cola branding at an exact time of day and year. because africa is the continent of sunshine it is important that our buildings start using this sculptural aspect as a means to showcase multi faceted architectural design.

if you want to see more of this multi faceted wildetect design style of architecture, please go look at www.wildetecture.com. if david butler CEO of coca cola thinks that this design reflects coca cola's african futuristic vision.  quinton@erxell.com