Wednesday, June 8, 2011

south african cellphone advertising campaign could paint the town red

i mentioned the erxell concept to one of my futuristic thinking students - Epaph Mbesi. he immediately picked up on the potential of this concept to be created in informal settlements around south africa. his first suggestion was to paint a huge section of khayalitsha's roof space red, inline with a south african mobile phones add campaign. this was a simple idea to get the erxell concept to take root in the minds of south africa's advertising elite. Epaph is an entrepreneur with a dynamic outlook and a great vibrant persona. i said i would create some imagery for him to take the concept further using his contacts in khayalitsha. as the erxell concept is an organic idea constantly growing - the idea is to build bridges between south africa's social, financial and cultural entities. creative design inventing the glass bead of trade or the bonding agent between all these groups.