Wednesday, June 8, 2011

tretchikoff - erxell - khayalitsha

south african creative design is all about building bridges between the future, past, present and embracing all the socio economic, racial and cultural entities within our incredible country. my last 3 weeks of facilitating a sustainable construction course in khayalitsha has led me to the point where i feel i need to promote and thereby link like minded creatives sitting in different social, cultural arenas.

the tretchikoff -  erxell -  khayalitsha concept is exactly that link bridge im talking about. it is vital to remember an informal settlement is called informal because its supposed to be a link between a formal home owned and a temporary structure. so informal settlements  are not red taped communities so to speak. they have very different dynamics which apply to them. in other words creating a canvas from the roof structure is perfectly acceptable in an informal settlement environment. one has to only look at eskom's and the city of cape towns  informal allowance of electricity wiring within these communities, to see a giant billboard using roof space is nothing in comparison.

south african informal settlements should be using this as yet unseen potential roof canvas to showcase their grievances as an art canvas. whilst the powers that be take forever to house them. a giant billboard awaiting organic green signage - a very first in the world. an architectural earth branded wildetect ideal awaiting the artists touch. a product linking the advertising machine with the informal settlement home owner.

the key to this concept is the word informal. so when its called a formal settlement one can apply all the cities red tape rules that apply everywhere else in cape town. has anyone seen the informal electrical wiring criss crossing these communities - its amazing that this is not regulated at all - its a very dangerous entity that seemingly anyone can key into - a brilliantly designed signage canvas on the roof space providing waterproofing and possible residual income is nothing in comparison .
informal settlements roof space is  the advertisers blank canvas of the future - plus it will give communities a link to google (the world) and the powers that be. this is food for thought for futuristic creatives living in informal settlements in SA. this idea creates an advertising canvas whilst it delivers a legitimate monthly food payment for allowing the use of informal shack roof canvas. bonding communities with a possible advertisement link - its a simple idea really - and it takes wildetect thinkers to expose this potential.

erxell , QJD design studio and the wildetects have long been pushing this crusade for many years - its not for nothing we as the wildetects identify with the likes of Tretchikoff - a painter criticized to death with such venom by the legion of minor showmen of the day, who epitomize the creative mediocre circles of the art world. most of these minor showmen  sniggered behind their open faced hands at tretchikoff for many years. it is important to note it was the same characters in the art world who did the same to other great artists and great art movements.