Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CSI - creative spark items

my office space is crowded with what i call creative spark items - CSI items. i buy these csi items at markets, second hand and charity shops. i dont know what i like until i see it. and the buy is strictly an immediate emotional attachment to whatever it is i see. im not looking for bargains - im looking for things that spike or spark my imagination. something someone else might have cherished or found useful . collecting old scale rulers and pens and various objects. most of the objects end up costing me alot because my csi radar is set to very expensive. however i enjoy sitting in my lair and visually marinading myself in my CSI collected stuff. but what good is stuff if i selfishly get inspired by it myself - so i decided to take some photo's of the things that create an emotional response in me. my CSI items.