Monday, August 15, 2011

end phase 1 - QJD blog - parting shot

every artist must know when its time to lop off the ol ear - at around 35-40 yrs or so, you go through the im spitting into the wind phase - and before you know it - off pops the ol ear - mad not im.

on the 10th of June 2008 i started this blog journey and as per most journeys, they have a beginning , middle and end. i have  enjoyed writing this blog and adding more than 140 entries - it is now the end of this phase in my creative developement. it was more a therapeutic ensemble of jumbled ideas for like minded folk to spark from , containing these concepts in this future techno perfect set. compiling the concepts of the yip trip children's story and nado storm - a cape town comic book hero. writing my strange little short story collection and a few of my poems. and all my QJD furniture pieces -- not for the feint at heart. the erxell concept and wildetecture idea are websites linked to this blog.

i now embark on a brand new journey - QJD phase 2 -  an actuality underground creative endeavour,  a creative phase which is going to be much less public.

having put some of my ideas ive been experimenting with down in this journal. like earth branded architecture, perceived kinetic architecture, disintegration of perspective, architectural shadow projection , African fauvistic architecture, human driven architectural mechanisms, the erxell concept , wildetecture architecture , furniture, clothing. yip trip , nado storm and many, many other creative ideas and concepts. these concepts have been inspired by the past and contemporised by QJD design studio.

the idea was for like minded creatives to get inspired by these thoughts and concepts, not to copy them completely wholesale  and then try and pass as their own. it is partly for this reason i am creating my underground creative phase. you see dancing before cold fowl feet is a dance all creatives eventually will walk away from.

i have ended this blog with a few shots taken of myself  by my daughter , tayze. she directed the photo shoots in our little courtyard. lots of giggling dress up and silly shinanigans. logan my son adding his 5 cents. below is an example of a piece of furniture inspired by the artist edvard munch - the scream. a concept of reality that haunts this lifes journey. (see my poem end)

if anyone would like me to send a catalogue of the homes and furniture coupled with price lists etc QJD design studio has been busy with please contact -

beware the social creative trap - QJD - 2006 - WORDSMITH GLADIATOR

know all creative men and to whom it may concern.....
read this warning to avoid life's trap and learn!
at birth you're given seeds to facilitate your rise,
beware the Pip that can cause your creative demise!
your seeds may be beauty , royal blood , superior brain....
beware the Stella that cause you the greatest pain.
its words etched deep in this troublesome life.
for striving for social creative acceptance can cause unnecessary strife.
be contented with your station and creative class,
because "born rich snobs"  can delight in making you the ass!
the birthright of royals and the social elite,
must not have you seeking approval at cold fowl feet.
be content and happy with your creative standing,
let those who hold the keys come to your respected landing.
because a humble lord will tip his hat to creative skill
whereas arrogance has you climbing a pseudo creative hill.
a hill that's height never reaches the end,
striving for its pinnacle will drive you round the bend!
my son , its better to be a creative working class hero,
than a wanna-be, social creative , high class zero.!!!

the end