Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nado storm - springbok supporter

nado storm - cape town comic crime fighter - i know the graphics specialists are looking at my comic drawing attempts going - needs this, needs that - lacking this, lacking that - puh amatuer comic dude. well when we dabble in each others disciplines it is never easy - however ive drawn this up on an architectural cad programme - so nado is being created through technical cad softwear and hence he looks a little different. the idea is that i want to extrude these images into buildings, creating a cartoon city scape. - yes i know the architectural purists wont like this low tech dabbling and muddying the waters of the prime creative discipline. well frankly my dear - i really dont give a damn.

nado storm cape town crime fighter - supporter of the boks 2011 - win or lose the boks show heart , passion and ferver not often seen on the rugby field. GO BOKKE!!!