Thursday, September 22, 2011

nado storm - concept part of the built environment

i sent my nado storm comic book character to a built environment forum - they excepted my homes and interior design pics however nado was not accepted as - well - he's not strictly built environment material - so as i have  designed buildings that have made nado storm part of the built environment - i decided to try again. not that they will accept nado this time either.  however it is an exciting point of architectural design departure - and fits firmly in the wildetect design ideal. nado storm and yip trip are 2 characters i use to project off the wall design concepts - ideas at first that seem completely barking mad - however over time they start becoming less shocking and more possible - buildings that are designed purly to create  form and  aesthetics function.  so turning the old saying into function follows form. - a wildetect ideal - fit the function into the form. create beautiful gaudy colourful architecture and populate the space. i agree whole heartedly with osbert lancaster - in his forward - pillar to post - read it. im sure he wont like the direction im taking here however even in the 30's the design of architecture was left up to the mystics. and lets face it - they have not really produced incredible architecture and solutions to house the masses and solve mankinds built environment issues.
on another note entirely -
i have given the writing of the yip trip childrens design series over to my daughter and unbeknown st as yet to my son - he will take over the writing and drawing of nado storm a cape town comic book hero. its a work in progress and eventually in a few years time both will be able to take these 2 characters forward and inject their own energy into them. we will publish under artsmad publications. so if you want the first books mailed to you - drop me a line -