Monday, September 26, 2011

wildetecture , erxell - wild architectural african creative design ideas?

"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot." --Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Lincoln Square

the above quote for me resonates when taking the concept of wildetecture into account. The concept is an experiment towards a wild fauvistic african design style. The concept of  erxell  is an attempt to bridge the massive chasm between Africa's  socio economic divide using advertising as a glass bead of trade.

wildetecture is an attempt at creating a  wild dynamic African architectural design point of departure that encompasses the following ideals.

1) earth branded architecture
2) architectural musical interludes.
3) logotexturalised buildings.
4) perceived kinetic architecture
5) disintegration of perspective
6) architectural shadow projection
7) human driven architectural mechanisms
8) trompe leiol in architecture
9) human space sculpture - hs2
10) past image investigation - pi2

Is championing a yet to be fully grasped sustainable unit of measure - which can gain a value depending on various factors. the main thrust of the concept is getting the advertising moguls at the same negotiating table as informal settlement dwellers. One way , to my mind for Africa  to be taken seriously, is if the architectural and design concepts add value on the world stage. erxell creates a glass bead of trade where none now exists. it creates the communicative link between technology , art , architecture and human settlements. it links into the bigger picture a people living outside of the current  formal sector frame work and grid. - just go into Khayelitsha informal settlement Cape Town and see folk living in a informal settlement next to a majorly regulated city. we need to create systems and design concepts that reach in and showcase the tale of these 2 dynamically opposite cities. one rich, one poor - at the moment the design ideas dont have a depth to do this - because clients need money and Khayelitsha informal settlement coupled with every informal settlement in South Africa - just does not have money. the erxell concept offers a bartering glass bead.  

wildetect style furniture range couples the complete wild aspects of African design with the veneer of an art inspired by Africa concept.