Thursday, March 22, 2012

wildetect mantis chair photoshoot

a few weeks ago i had the great privilege to work with Seagram Pearce professional freelance photographer in his cape town studio - Seagrams professional easy going approach made sure the shoot went very smoothly without stress.
below is the harvist from this shoot - the QJD wildetect mantis chair - the chair keys into an african fauvistic wildetect design ideal. its a design reaction to living on the untamable african continent.  its a comfort versus aesthetic argument - when one considers "their is not much wild these days that is comfortable" - a quote from dean, one of the fellow wildetects - you will appreciate the design point of departure.

the idea that the chair dictates the posture of the occupant - much like a certain motor cycle - photoshop out the chair and one would know they where sitting in a QJD wildetect mantis chair - coupled to the fact that our furniture needs to be more sculptural to bring in form , colour , shape into our smaller living environments - multi use - furniture ideals.