Sunday, March 25, 2012

elements of architectural and furniture design, across over

having designed a few nautical inspired beach homes, the inspiration of the ocean for me has always held an amazing wealth of  creative synaptic possibilities.
the viking longboat is a vehicle Ive long been very inspired by -  when i visited my brother in Norway,  he as  per usual, showed us every aspect of Norwegian culture and life style.  this sparked the imagination and i have used aspects of what i gained from that trip in the designs Ive created over the years. from a viking Norse inverted longboat entrance, on one of my home designs, to a viking Norse longboat feasting table. to a poem of dreams yet to be envisaged , around a voyager table - dabbling between the mediums - having abit of fun really.

conversations - 2012

ocean born , quest sail
visions , dreams , success  fail.

conversation born , quest sparks
sounds of ocean fury , island larks.

imaginings of a far off spice route,
buried pirates treasure, share the loot.

a table , family an immediate time.
food,  love , laughter , planning and fine wine.