Monday, April 2, 2012

thankyou yanko and to those who commented on post

being part of an experi-mentalist african fauvistic design forum - wildetecture and the wildetects.  one never knows how ones wild work will be received. coming from a design culture where constructive commenting on others work doesn't seem to come naturally. its been really weird to see the yanko design showcase wildetect mantis chair - blogged and re tweeted in many other languages. i had a real good laugh at some of the comments - and really appreciated the feedback.

100 yrs ago a designer would dabble in all forms of creative human endeavour - now days it seems we have become specialist designers. becoming fervent experts in 1 design arena - as a wildetect creative i know if i have the privilege of living until 80 - i will still know very little about all things design. however the concept of experimenting with other disciplines will make me that little more skilled in my principle architectural design arena.

every design piece is a start of one very long conversation - those who hate it , those who love it - as i tell my design students - as a creative designer its having the guts to start that conversation with a first sketch - albeit not fully complete - as my uncle mervyn niland used to say - if somethings worth doing its worth doing badly at first. because once you have the raw fabric ready, one can refine and improve, this process is what makes designing exciting - so thankyou to all those who aided in the wildetect experimentalist perpetual motion design concept energy - its really appreciated by the 3 wildetects at the end of the African continent - experimenting with our own design interpretation of living on the untamable continent, that is africa.