Thursday, May 17, 2012

barflies - 3 , 5 , 8 - wildetect style

these fly babies where inspired by a short story by herman charles bosman - the music maker - ive now got my veldskoens , ive even got the green curtain - im now doing what the chap did to the town locals. you know to become famous and all - near the end of the story. and i just might be seen sitting on one of these fly babies, behind my green curtain in an establishment much like the gent of the story.

the local thing ive somehow managed to get right is ive somehow unknowingly got myself banned from a local design forum - this is very, very good if i want to hold true to this story - i have no idea why i was banned, because one can say alot about me , my work , my veldskoens, my colour, my creative ability. but one has to admit the portfolio of design evidence, like it or not, copied from or vrot, is available warts and all for crit. now im in no way implying im even close to the league of the chap in the story - however as a design creative im under absolute no illusion that the end destination for most of us creatives is the same.

im most bemused by the local SA design forum thats banned me from uploading my work. i did cheekily send an email asking what i did to warrant such a strict reaction - as i want to at least do it again, knowingly this time. i never did receive an answer unfortunately - so somehow ive lost cred with sa's design elite. what i have noticed is this design forum has tons of product pushers on it - however they hoof off a person that does what there name implies - design. oh well - today im wearing my green veldskoen, doc martins - just to smile a little whilst i go about my business. cop a snoek at all those issues perceived or real we have to deal with everyday.