Thursday, May 17, 2012

grass / savanah city scape - wildetect style

a grass city landscape as invisaged here - creates seemingly disorder into order - nature as a  catalyst or spark for human design interpretation is very powerful - nothing new - but always extremely powerful.

if we as humans studied and copied nature more in our african built environments - we wouldnt have to create built environment documents that legislate the exact amount of sun light - landing in a formal karoo town bed room on the west side of the shed at 11pm on the 11th of november. its complete and utter lunacy, that all the kings men have managed to whittle away their valuable time over regulating the first   south african built formal environment so minutely. whilst south africa's second informal settlement built environment  - regrettably burns.

we will never attain imaginative built environment landscapes such as this grass city landscape within the south african architectural landscape with this new legislation - absolutely great say the analyticals , stupendous say all the unimaginatives - downright tragic say the very few wild creatives trying to imagine a future where nature and human design endeavour - cleverly and finally might eventually touch.

that future designed huge glass north facing view window, in the south african architectural design context  - is now a complete relic from the past - it will throw your calculations out completely in the new document created by the SA regulatory council and hugely funded by a first world country. a first world country that due to weather issues, will never have an informal settlement within its borders ever - in otherwords through no fault of there own, one that does not domestically understand the plight of africa.

this new legislation will cause building prices to absolutely sore - as a few gate keepers minutely check and stamp each brick , roof sheet and window frame being installed in the formal building sector. making sure every item of material has been approved - chaching you might say. my only question is - who is going to check minutely every ibr sheet , window frame and plastic waterproofing in the informal settlement arena? does the legislation even touch on creating a solution within this informal built environment arena?

the king is completely naked - the kings men are completely naked - and the taylors are smiling from ear to ear.