Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3d chess set ensamble - wildetect style

Chess is such an incredible game - my style of chess play is directly proportional to my emotional state at the time, so I don’t study books on chess moves of the greats. My winning ratio is possibly less than it would be - but playing chess is more an exercise of the mind than a must win undertaking. However when I play the super analytical I find the carbon copy 5 penned moves to checkmate rather uninspiring. So I thought by creating a 3 dimensional element to the board - it might help those of us who visualize 3 dimensional space. A further idea to the wildetects chess game would be to change the exact line up of pieces when setting up - by giving each player the opportunity to set up their pieces where ever they want behind the line. This will further confuse the 5 moves to checkmate brigade - and actually, possibly encourage a game of chess within the space and time of the moment.