Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wildetect style - QJD design skateboards - wild african fauvistic design

This design takes inspiration from amoeboid cellular shapes - blending wild shapes from the hammerhead shark , African rhino beetle,  dragons tail is also in the design mix . The aluminum cut-out below sits 3mm proud of the 12mm marine ply board - this is not just visual but allows the aluminum to take the knocks and provide a lightweight platform for the wild cut out shape. this set of boards plays with the existing notion that skateboards are full on art pieces - not just in the decals and art work but also within the shape - I’ve raised the trucks really high and been down a few hills of consequence - the problem is I keep looking down to stare at the damn deck and end up plucking buckwheat from tar burns. My son helped with the design and as far as experimentation with the wildetects style of design goes - the cutouts in the deck and the eclectic wild shape down the sides - adds to this African wild piece of functional art.