Friday, January 11, 2013

Cape Town underground wildetect design logo - CT

My brother and sister in law returned from a trip to the USA recently - besides the great travel stories they bought lots of presents and my kids 2 Yankee stadium baseball caps. from a game the Yankees won, where they ate hot dogs and experienced the American cultural phenomenon first hand. 

my boet bought a Yankees baseball cap when he visited new york when he travelled the world with the merchant navy about 30 yrs ago. along with Dr pepper and many other things the 80's sanctions didn't allow into SA. - so the NY has been subliminally imprinted in my head from small - not to mention all the movies that showcase this iconic brand. The baseball cap had pride of place in his room whilst he travelled the world.

well it got me thinking about creating a Yankee inspired CT underground wildetect design logo for cape town. underground because the concept of wildetecture is not mainstream.

the top of the T has table mountain silhouetted and the top of the C acts as the cloud which races down the face creating the table top. or it could be the arm of cape town's legendary figure the adamaster. the bottom of the C is well the sea.