Tuesday, August 20, 2013

wildetect chess set design - african fauvistic to the hilt

having just finished the templates for the wildetect chess set board and pieces - im hoping to have this board made up for our wildetect furniture exhibition in cape town  next week - the cost to  make up and have the board ready has been and still will be exorbitant. a cost only someone mad, foolish enough or passionate enough to carry.  just for the simple sake of getting to an end product wildetect piece.
whether it pays back or not - every second on this wildetect chess set design and manufacture has been worth it. the end product piece is pretty wild - fauvistic african design wild. which is essentially what the wildetect style is all about. below is a few links on how the board and pieces interact - non of this line up and get taken out 16th century grand master moves approach.the game is designed to be  immediately interactive once the screen is lifted after 5 moves. its full on game on - no time to think of what would  Fischer do. - one is immediately immersed into the game once the screen is lifted - and its edge of your seat chess until the end. much like im sure a modern day battlefield would be.