Monday, August 5, 2013

Wildetects at the insight WCFI exhibition 24th - 31st august 2013

the really great part about working as a collective wildetect design studio,  is the wild output of work. and  the unique wildetect style interpretation amongst the group. from mantis insectivorous chairs to fusion protea arachnid creation lamps, to soft delicate steel tables, inspired from the magnificent king protea. each interpretation of what the wildetecture style means to the individual wildetect. wildly and expressively displayed in an end product animal. we encourage collaboration with other designers and creatives in other design disciplines - because the thinking out loud creative approach and the right here right now idea design meld weld mindset - is an exciting conversation to be a part of.  ive seen incredible creative things really happen during these shoot the breeze sessions  - design ideas germinate and creative end products are born. working as a collective is so much more than working in a singular creative vacuum space. dean and warren bring exceptional talent and very grounded  ideas to a wildetect style of creative expression, im very happy to be a part of at this point.

the wildetects have been invited by the WCFI to showcase a small part of our portfolio of work at the insight furniture exhibition 24th - 31st august - wembley square - cape town - selections warehouse.

tonight we having a photoshoot at our previous exhibition space with calvin - a very creative photographer who has an incredible ability to create crazy shoots.