Friday, August 2, 2013

mantis harley chair - sketch number 002

i listened to the comments from my last mantis chair creation - mantis sketch 001 - looks freaking uncomfortable said some of you,  but looks really good.
so i increased the comfort ever so slightly - not by much. wouldn't want anyone to think the mantis chair had gone nancy soft. its a wild creation from Africa for crying out loud.
really enjoyed the one SA design magazines very, very austere comments of the mantis and the mag's design guru's very caustic crit - they showed the mantis chair pic off yanko's showcase on their web site, but failed to see the satire and the process of creative design that wildetect style  was experimenting with. getting a jaundiced eye from a minority super opinionated  SA design minds - only fuels the wildetect design fire of - "watch this space".  i just really feel for the true design creatives who are not as titanium skinned as me - they generally fold under such esteemed design comment and retreat apologetically into the background like sea anemones. please don't cut off your ears and react to the perceived self appointed creative design bourgeois. please push through and continue to make your original creative design mark - there are far to many insipid mediocre designs now days appealing to mass market minds and wallets. originality is exactly that because it doesn't speak to MASS market. it might never sell - but dont sell out your creative design ideas because no one is looking.
ive taken my wild skateboard , bike and surf ideas to several big surf brands - the advise im getting is - first get a high profile surfer , skateboarder, biker to endorse your concepts - and then we might buy in. what ive deduced from that is if george f doesn't endorse your griller - forget trying to sell it. people only will make up their minds if a big name sports star endorses it. well the wildetect experiment approach will explore this interesting concept. paddling out fish hoek shark zone to see if my surf concept works. im no big name sports guy - just a 42 year old designer trying a few ideas out.
designing from an aesthetic first point of departure - yields what it yields - no one, especially  myself realizes that  functionality is sacrificed with this approach. but sketch 001 becomes a snapshot and sketch 002 becomes the improvement. sketch 003 is better and sketch 010 will appeal to a mass market audience. i hope my work never gets that far - as i would have completely failed the wildetect style if a african fauvistic mantis chair sits in every home.