Friday, August 2, 2013

wildetect chandeliers

these 3 verne wildetect one off creation chandeliers,  really provided me with a few design challenges. going for an inside the watch mechanical look , coupled with organic lines surely did have me creatively stretched. i locked and bolted the cascading long pieces into the 4 cogs. the biggest of the 3 chandeliers is totally see through and is about 1.8m high. the way it catches the light and then disappears again is for me the beauty. if it was solid color it would really dominate any space - however this way its soft and alluring. fusing the mechanics of man and the organic line of nature is a great experiment - creating 3 dimensional shape from flat 2 dimensional sheet is the dynamic of these 3 pieces. each chandelier is different and i wouldnt really want to go for a mass production approach. the suggestion was that i should have created the same element for all 3. but now where would the excitement be in that. if your interested in ordering a unique chandelier - wildetect style email for a price structure and breakdown of products.