Monday, July 29, 2013

wildetect harley mantis chair - skateboard art

to fuse several disciplines into one wild creation is really where wildetecture and the wildetect style has been moving over the last 6 years or so. this sculptural skeletal organic machine like creature - the mantis harley chair - marquette 002, is giving off shades of motorbike stance , v8 muscle car , organic shape, this is what wildetecture is about. to fuse this type of design energy into an architectural building - well that would be the ultimate step. not to mention the shadow sculptures this design splashes across surfaces. its 2d to 3d conceptual mayhem.

for wildetect dealer inquiries email -

other than lopping an ear off and sending it via post - i dont see how one would be able to gain further attention in the cape town design community for ones design art. We have sent our wildetect designs and erxell concepts to the CT design bourgeoisie and SA design magazine editors  umpteenth times over the last several years. To no avail really. our design work is radically fringe - its not trying to be main stream - hang, its not trying to even fit in - thats the beauty of it really. the wildetects work looks to weld  several disciplines into one sculptural crescendo. and wildetect 3 of 3 is not  wearing the fashion items designed for this ensemble - wildetect adaptation - wildetect scorpion fish apparel - we are interviewing a potential fashion design student artist tomorrow - who will be hopefully making up the pieces.

also hoping to paddle out fish hoek winter storm surf ,  with my shark adaptation wear - get some close out barrels in the shore break - should be interesting, so things are moving forward with our second furniture exhibition planned shortly - the wildetect, wildetecture ship is now moving.

it seems hack designers key into the old designers adage of  "if you look at a design without comment - one is entitled to steal the design idea without conscience". it is exactly why the wildetect design studio has always veered  our african fauvistic designs to the absolute extreme fringe end. as its indisputable then where the concept originated as the design ideas  are unique and very different - take the erxell concept for example -