Friday, July 26, 2013

wildetect skateboard v8 rack - finally in production

the fusion of wild african shapes, colour and imagery into sports equipment has long been a direction the wildetecture style has been pushing to go. the follow on fashion concepts in skating , surfing and mountain biking is slowly becoming a wildetect reality - coupled with the wildetect furniture and architectural ideals we are exploring. we are now fully fledged to get this wildetect show on the road - we are looking for partners and people to share our vision - if your interested and see the potential as we do - contact  to see how you can get involved in this wild animal fast moving forward.

below is the V8 wildetect skateboard rack - stocked and loaded with 13 crazy boards - its skateboard art in a raw form - the one pic shows a mustard / tomato sauce sprayed deck - the rest are Ferrari red and Lamborghini yellow - skateboarding supercar style. looking for some wildetect skateboard test riders in the cape town area - send cv to