Friday, July 26, 2013

panaramic wildetect exhibition photo

wildetect style is raw untamable africa - the 3 wildetect creatives 1 of 3 , 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 can design wildetect architectural buildings , furniture, animal mimicry sports equipment - we have spent countless hours creating portfolios of evidence of work in these design disciplines.

however we also have strong wildetect ideas in fashion concepts -  we are not able to produce the items of clothing as seamlessly as we can control the furniture and sporting designs - the designs are conceptual at this stage. so if your a wildetect fashion design creative at heart - you might not know it really - and your in the cape town area - contact - we would like to get a quote on what you would charge to produce some of the wildetect fashion garments we have designed.