Friday, July 26, 2013

update wildetect exhibition july 2013

For those of you who have not been able to  make the wildetect july 2013 exhibition - currently being showcased - here are a few pics of the pieces that warren , dean and myself have put together. we run these design concepts under "The wildetect's" brand and are wildetect 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 - getting the numbering concept from  7 of 9. these prototypes have been 5 or so years in the making - and as one can appreciate have been an expensive undertaking only someone passionate about what they believe can push forward.

these designs are wildetecture style furniture - taking wild aspects of africa and infusing them into everyday items. the fauvistic african design theme permeates each piece - untamable africa is at the heart of our creations. 

If you have not heard - The wildetect design studio is busy with a small furniture exhibition of our recent  work, in an interior space designed in seapoint.  The design direction we are exploring is very exciting for us, as it is  an exploration of aesthetics first design. We have experimented with different scale and removed the cad model step in our furniture design process.  From raw thought to immediate implementation. It does work out very costly, however every spare cent goes into the creations. Like the early automobile pioneers in garages across the world - we hover around each creation thinking it the next citreon DS cabriolet 1961.  I sometimes find 3d modeling cad packages dilute and render insipid the end product design.  Our work is not designed for mass appeal and because it’s not designed to principally sell - it allows us to experiment with pure aesthetics and work in form,  play with the design as a personal endeavor.

We do follow a much more disciplined approach in the conceptual wildetect style architecture we are busy with. experimenting with age old design ideas like human driven architectural mechanisms, trompe de l'oeil in the facade , perceived kinetic projections, disintegration of perspective, architectural shadow projections, the erxell concept and earth branded architecture.

running the  conservative QJD architectural design studio parallel to wildetecture for 12 years - allows me to sustain the family - however the more wild wildetect studio is where im now  spending more energy at present. with the hoffman brothers at times creating work far beyond my imagination - im very proud to be part of this little  design showcase. creativity for creativity sake.