Saturday, July 6, 2013

perpetual motion advertising campaign - wildetect style

part real , part net, part cryptic , perpetual motion human driven advertising vehicle - like everything the wildetect design studio creates - an interactive experiment.

email with details if you find a p-mav. 

PMAV cryptowildetactic 001

To find the first FLW PMAV lean,
one would peer into the mists of timeless Greene.
the clues Blaaw thunder hid away,
helps one find a PMAV this exact day.
it was 1845 that this beach came alive.
a kraken taken from the depth,
will have you search its length and breadth.
a day for a length and a month for a width,
will have you combing a green milliner child's wit.
the father should be the sound of cape towns gun.
will have you searching for this PMAV for fun.