Monday, February 24, 2014

wildetect freight train text

the great part of thinking up ones own creative template design ideas is,  their is no wrong or right in this individual exploratory  process. i do find it very interesting how many people put absolute rules to other peoples creative process. i draughted up a cartoon strip awhile back - nado storm - and the comments from esteemed professional cartoon schooled colour in the lines graphic professionals, is always intriguing. comments like the cartoon is not centered or the drawings are this and that etc. highly professional formula driven opinions of what i should be doing according to the cartoon code 101 learnt from esteemed lecturers. one MUST adhere to the written cartoon school text book creative science. I'm sure soliciting  behind the hand chortles  of the amateurish nature of the  creative cartoon sketches. the point of this exercise for me is, no client to tailor ones ideas , no teacher to clip back your pen to paper process.

school or college art is so wrapped up in rule bound processes and creative red tape artistic science, driven by militaristic hob nailed creative teachers - students generally exit these institutions feeling very overwhelmed by absolute  formula and artistic codes. very blinkered and scared to express thoughts outside of the learnt creative framework. when really the best creative end products  are born from design idea freewheeling. colouring out the lines, not giving a hoot about school and tech teacher artistic formula. creative expression needs to be experimental , tongue in cheek and above all fun. if one is worried about what analytical minds are going to say about ones creative work. the process is completely swamped before one even starts.  its just amazing to me how quickly people apply absolute artistic formula rules to someone Else's creative journey.  when the very artistic masters whom we all admire - broke away from the very rule bound , stuffy thinking,  restricting them in the artistic discipline of the day.

with the above in mind - i tackled the wildetect freight train text concept. no right , no wrong just a fun filled half an hour experimentation doodle.  i don't really care if its not centered and the blue isn't fashionable and the lines are not in perspective. IE i don't really care what anyone thinks. go create your own freewheeling doodle. - go apply formula to your own artistic scientific journey. heck it doesn't even look like a freight train!!!!