Thursday, February 20, 2014

wildetect sport code timetable 2014

as a wildetect underground fringe designer and creative - the marketing budgets and pushing product is not really what the wildetect brand has been about. not overly concerned about if anything sells. keeping true to our wildetect design ideals and not selling out to consumerism.  its experimentation with form that keeps us going. however getting revenue for our wildetect designs would be great to further the wildetect  energy that we are aggressively pushing. the wildetect african fauvistic design ideas.

over the next 2 months we have thrashed out a framework of ideas we are working towards.

1) scorpion fish surfing apparel - wildetect style,  will be launched.  designed up some crazy surfing trunks and various attachments . to launch the concept  I'm hoping to paddle out big fish hoek (for some a contradiction) . the break i learnt to surf which has been now taken over by great white sharks and a resident hammerhead. when it gets big open ocean swell its a big beach break dumper - 6ft but pretty dredging. i really love the wave - ive been getting back into shape to paddle out and take some bombs on the head. Jonathan will go-pro it and through the process launch the scorpion fish wildetect surfing apparel. well that's if i don't get buzzed by the grey suits. should make an interesting vid anyway.

2) further launch the wildetect skateboards - having 5 of the rough  boards wrapped up by 5 cape town graphic designers. this is huge as it furthers our ideal of collaboration between other design disciplines. cape town is a funny old place - with a creative under every rock. this doesn't always allow for synergy as creatives tend to eyeball each other and sit appart. we are hoping to bridge this and create dialogue with other african creatives. the wildetect boards are a great concept in this direction. would like to create some dialogue between a fashion designer, graphics, marketing , artists , etc etc. put feelers out - but no takers yet. the wildetect brand is still to fringe for cape town it seems. any takers anywhere else in africa?

3) entering several design contests in the next few months - dean and warren wildetect 1 and 2 are very amped to showcase their wildetect ideas in several art , design and architecture competitions. im the cynical old dude when it comes to design competitions.  - having entered many myself over the years - i feel the design competitions are simply a way of harvesting ideas with small revenue to the collective entrants. my ideas have always been way fringe so my imagined reaction of my designs to the esteemed judges is one of complete shock horror. who does this nut think he is. their is value in that imaginative synaptic thought. im so done entering design competitions. seeking validation at cold fowl feet is not a place for creatives. its brutal , messy and im not at all interested. simon cowelalikes distress me - great with main stream current formula and creating stock akin and waterman protege's. however obliterate  fringe design thinkers.

4) launching the wildetect bike panel concept. hopefully getting Jason and a few rope access technicians to create a crazy video of the wildetect bike panel concept - possibly in the klakbay mountains - love the place. boomslang cave , orient halls, 3 drinks saloon.

the wildetect brand runs on a very low budget philosophy -  we are just a group of african designers plugging away and wrapping around design ideas we are experimenting with. african fauvistic design. not looking for main stream buy in.