Thursday, February 20, 2014

wildetect scorpion skateboard model - update

this week has been really great. a Swedish   lad borrowed  one of the wildetect prototype skateboards- he really enjoyed the great feedback and has booked one of the production boards coming out April. I've just been securing the patents on the wildetect skateboard design and design copyrights. I've also added an age restriction of 15 to the users of the skateboards. the design prototype phase has been long and arduous - however nothing really develops quickly and the wildetect sports brand concept is one of them. underground design -africa fringe design concepts and ideas - underground style.

over the years I've taught quite a few folk to surf - i haven't done it for ages - however yesterday i really had fun introducing 3 danish people to the art of surfing. its such a great sport - and its really great to experience someone Else's stoke when they catch their first wave. I'm going to send a few t-shirts and a few boards to Sweden and Denmark - test the waters. attached is a scorpion board sorted by Jason - really stoked with the decals.