Tuesday, May 20, 2014

citroen ds shelf design by wildetect 3 of 3

the Citroen ds is the benchmark of before its time motor vehicle design - everything about the design - screams individuality and for the time  - out the box creative design thinking. when i worked as a gopher in an architects office in the early 90's. one of the principle partners owned 2. at the time i wanted to get a green morris minor. however as ive matured - it is this car that i now want. i know the mentalist has now made this car even more famous. however its the superior super car before its time thinking - that really resonates.

im re-posting these design pics to stamp myself all over this shelf design. its the closest i have come - to owning the citroen ds. not long now - a black one with white wildetect nouveau patterns will do nicely.